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The suit with multiple personalities.

Three days with one suit—from business to casual.

Did you know that navy suit of yours has some Harry Houdini in it? No, it won’t help you escape from a sealed crate thrown in the East River, but it can work some style magic for you. By pairing it with different shirts, ties, and shoes you can create a lot of different looks for a variety of occasions. In fact, people won’t even suspect it’s the same suit.

Day 1
1 Day One

For business: navy suit; white dress shirt; dark, bold-striped tie; white pocket square; black shoes.

2 Night One

For dinner and drinks with business associates: navy suit; white dress shirt; solid or striped knit tie; white pocket square; black shoes.

3 Day Two

For business: navy suit; light blue dress shirt; complementing, bold-striped tie; white pocket square; brown shoes.

Night Two
4 Night Two

For a sports event with business associates: navy suit (with or without the jacket); gray v-neck sweater; light blue shirt; brown shoes.

Day Three
5 Day Three

For business: navy suit; white dress shirt; solid, bright tie; white pocket square; black shoes.

Night Three
6 Night Three

For a late lunch at the brewpub before flying out: navy suit; white dress shirt; no tie; patterned pocket square; jeans; casual belt; white tennis shoes.


No prestidigitation required.

Obviously, the pairings you create will be based on your color preferences and the types of ties and shoes you prefer. But this gives you an idea of how versatile a navy suit can be. So don’t be afraid to take along only one suit on your next business trip. The only thing you need to create the illusion of a much bigger wardrobe is to pack the right pairings that will bring out your suit’s multiple looks. It’s not exactly the same as escaping from a straitjacket suspended from a skyscraper, but even Houdini had to start somewhere.

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    I like the article a lot, it really shows the versatility of a simple, timeless suit, but I firmly believe black should never be paired with blue (especially navy).
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