BlueOxfordLayer 10-16-2012

The Oxford Variations

A trio of layered riffs based on the timeless OCBD.

Aside from death and taxes there are few things in life one can consistently count on.

Here at Rogues and Gentleman we like to focus on those less sobering ideas, and more on the reliable things that make us happy. Like the pleasantly dependable oxford cloth button-down. Worn alone or with a tie, it’s that trad-and-true answer to many a wardrobe dilemma.

That’s why this fall we’re throwing down the layering gauntlet to implore you to examine an ‘oxford without borders’.



Officewear doesn’t have to be boring, and this handsome look means business
with mixed patterns and well-placed accessories to boot.

Respect is earned, not given out willy-nilly like peanuts at happy hour. This hearty look extends beyond the boardroom and is even a seasonally appropriate answer to upscale weekend wear.



Do your homework and dress up your collegiate wear
by layering it with more grown-up staples.

School spirit can extend past the reunion and those regrettable Facebook photos (curse you public domain.) Discreetly show your collegiate pride with your alma mater’s colors and a complementary blazer.




Go for the pass with a layered cableknit pullover and fun outerwear
that won’t leave you by the sidelines.

Aside from daydreams and delusions of grandeur we’re assuming not all of us ended up as professional athletes. However you can still look the part of the QB with an elevated letterman’s jacket that puts you on team Brooks.

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    Unless there is some kind of hilarious, high-bred, inside poser joke I am not getting, the 'team Brooks' jacket is dubious. It's pretty fake, on the level of RL Rugby's letter sweaters. Don't much like at all. It's like one of those leather pilot's jacket with all kinds of fighter squadron patches and a distressed hula girl painted on the back of it... tacky.
    28 months ago | Report abuse |
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    I really love the rugby idea. I even played some rugby in college, although we didn't wear those shirts! I think it's a great preppy move over an OCBD.
    16 months ago | Report abuse |