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Reevaluating your Relationships

Three Steps to Rejuvenate your Closet for Spring

To be blunt, February is the shortest month because it would otherwise be unbearable. Its cold, its dark and everyone is anxiously awaiting its more benevolent successor, March, and most importantly, Spring.

Considering you won’t be cradling a G&T in your hand while enjoying a croquet match on your freshly cut lawn any time soon, why not use this indoor time to your benefit? February may seem a bit too early to begin prepping your closet for spring, but when the first buds bloom, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is dealing with mountains of wool and cashmere. Here are three steps to keep you ahead of the closet game and inevitably unexpected (yet always welcome) spring thaw.

Pictured: The actual Fall/Winter closet of Kiel James Patrick.

Spring Summer is on the opposite side of the room.


Step 1: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

The first (and hardest) part is parting with what you don’t wear, thereby actively curating your closet and making way for clothes you like. Inspect every OCBD, trouser and vest you haven’t worn in the past twelve months and ask yourself that tiresome question, “Do I need this in my life?” If you love it, but merely forgot about it, throw it back into your sartorial routine. If you love it but it doesn’t fit you as well as it should, make the investment in tailoring. And if you don’t see yourself ever wearing it again, consider a buy/sell/trade emporium such as Beacons Closet. They re-sell your clothes and give you a percentage of the cut. Or you can donate them for a tax break and enough good karma to last you through Friday night.

Step 2: “Our relationship is fraying at the edges, it’s time to move on.”

While we praise authenticity, and own a few “perfectly frayed” shirts ourselves, it’s time to reevaluate. If you work in a creative profession where a frayed shirt will be welcomed with its beloved vintage vibe, then hold on to it for dear life. Otherwise, it’s time for a fresh start with less sartorial baggage. And while you’re at it, give your collar stays an audit.

Step 3: “I want to explore new things, without cutting you entirely out of the picture.”

While perusing your closet you’ll most likely run into neckwear, hailing from years when wider lapels and ties were popular as opposed to the narrower silhouettes of today. Don’t fret; salvage the good ol’ days with once on-trend ties by cutting them down to size. Thanks to Tie Crafters, your favorites can be narrowed by a team of master tie makers, who will cut and sew your old friends into new friends.

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