Fall Leaves are a changing 8-22-2011

Lucky Number 7

7 Fall Essentials to embrace early this season.

The leaves might not yet be turning, but our heads certainly are.

We could give you a comprehensive list of all the fall trends but then why would you come back next week?



1 Boots.

All-weather gear that you can take from the country to the office. For some fun, try swapping out the standard laces for something with a bit more punch. Think red - they're classic.

2 Bow Ties.

Still a core piece this fall and one we're expecting isn't yet on the way out. You have heard of #BowTieFriday right?

Distressed Brogues
3 Distressed Brogues.

Not your Grandfather's wing-tips. Dress them up or down. Pick up a pair in brown.

Double-breasted sport coat
4 Double-Breasted Anything.

It really is indeed coming back. Look for a darker color in a solid pattern with the traditional 6 on 2 button stance. And keep it trim.

Knit Tie
5 The Knit Tie.

Wait, you don't have one yet? The tie that's not a tie. Instantly dresses up that Oxford Button-Down and jeans or takes that suit of yours down a notch (just one).

The Odd Vest
6 The Odd Vest.

Not in the way you're thinking. An odd vest is one that isn't cut from the same cloth as your trousers or jacket. Wear them as a way to instantly add a touch of formality (and warmth) to any ensemble.

The Swacket
7 The Swacket.

While the unconstructed jacket has been a trend for several seasons, the Swacket (yes, we're officially naming this) is newer to the scene. Looks like your best sport coat and feels like that college sweater you've been hanging on to.



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    Farrah Dawson
    that swacket is gorgeous.
    42 months ago | Report abuse |
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    Whose boots are those in number 1?
    41 months ago | Report abuse |
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    It's a good replacement for the ladies to wear.. it's.just like the "boy friend" jacket.....only nicer. Nothing says classy, comfy, and style like the swacket.
    40 months ago | Report abuse |
  • avatar
    The swacket is great for the ladies who want a "boy friend" jacket in their wardrobe. Comfy, casual, classic, and very versital. Better than tne ones you buy from a catalog.
    40 months ago | Report abuse |