Sweaters a'plenty 9-6-2012

Layer it On

4 essentials perfect for those first brisk fall days

If you’re like us, you may have found yourself looking at the latest fall fashion and delighting in the earthy hues, tweedy tailoring, and autumnal color pops.  Luckily, year to year in men’s style, the sartorial shifts are subtle and what defines a stylish chap is pretty constant. It’s a given that there’ll always be the revelation of a new “it” color, a collective love of particular shoe styles by fashion editors, or a “must have” outerwear silhouette.  It’s also a given that an easy way to set yourself apart from the sartorial pack during the “season of harvest” is to master the art of layering.

Since summer really is winding down, here are a few lighter-weight options to give you that rakish edge during these first and often unpredictable fall days.

The classic cricket sweater done in a fine gauge cotton that give you the natty edge but without the bulk.

Fair Isle Vest

Instead of the earthy tones of most fair isles, this cotton option gives your ensemble that punch of color.

Even merino wool can be an option when it’s this fine, not to mention bright.

Don’t forget about the rugby. You don’t have to be in school to embrace collegiate styling.

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  • avatar
    Christian Young
    Summer may be winding down up north, but I won't be breaking out the sweaters anytime soon in Texas.
    29 months ago | Report abuse |
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      The Editors
      Truthfully, barely winding down up here. Though I did need a sweater on Sunday. Strange weather up here.
      29 months ago | Report abuse |
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    Cory Sekine-Pettite
    I'm a big fan of the Fair Isle. Of course, here in GA it won't be cool enough to wear it until December.
    29 months ago | Report abuse |
  • avatar
    Any suggestions for a color/pattern to wear under the navy cricket sweater?
    29 months ago | Report abuse |