Editors Picks 3-11-2013

Here comes the Sun

Four spring essentials from the Editor

With spring nearing and winter thawing, it’s time to start getting excited about being able to venture outside in something other than that favorite duffle coat you’ve had since college. But before you go mad for madras, let’s take a step back and look at four clean essentials, that every gentleman needs, with just enough of a twist that you rogues won’t feel left out.



A classic reinvented. It’s a jacket that looks and fits like a traditional blazer, yet feels like your favorite cardigan. Typically, these jackets wear warmer temperature wise, so they’re also a great piece to grab on those awkward first days of spring when Mother Nature can’t make up her mind.



We all love a shirt you can sink your teeth into. Augment your button-down collection by investing in its cousin, the short collar. Just be sure to pair this with a thinner tie and a smaller knot (no full windsors here gents).



There should be (and are) two types of chinos in the world. The beaten-in, frayed cuff variety and your proper pants. Find a pair in poplin and if you’re feeling springy get them tailored with no break so your ankles can enjoy the day.



It goes with everything. Really. We’ve had challenges here to wear one all week long. It can be done. And well. Trust us. Invest.


By the way, when worn together, the aforementioned pieces will be quite dapper. We promise blue and black can indeed be worn together.

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