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Hail to the Chief

Stump Style from the Campaign Trail Explained

Every four years, we here in the United States are treated a show. No, not the steady stream of political banter. Rather, it’s a time when many of the traditional ways of menswear return to center stage as our future leaders put on their uniforms and vie for our votes.

We’re here to fill you in on the three looks we’ll see more of as we near that famous Tuesday in November.

All Business

The best dressed hopefuls and elected alike, know how important a trad and true solid navy suit, white shirt and red tie combination is. It’s pure Americana. And when done right it exudes executive power.

39 out of 44 would likely agree

Roll Your Sleeves Up

From the backs of train cars to high school gyms, you won’t need to go too far in order to spot a hopeful with his sleeves rolled up, ready to get his hands dirty. A symbol of readiness for decades, this simple trick instantly adds a bit of, “We are in this together,” far better than any campaign slogan.


Casual Friday

Very few presidents have nailed the art of casual elegance. The Kennedys mastered this by simply continuing to be themselves. Think of those great shots of Jack out on a boat wearing a grey sweater shirt, chinos, and a pair of boat shoes. Or jump a couple decades forward and picture Ron on his horse riding off into the sunset with Nancy. These are gentlemen who understood that the key to pulling off casual dress well is recognizing that in order for it to appear authentic it must be effortless.


The Votes are In.

Keep in mind the first televised Presidential debate in 1960. Nixon and Kennedy battled it out ferociously. The winner? Those listening on radio choose Nixon. Those watching on television picked Jack.

That well-tied tie couldn’t have hurt.

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