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A Holiday Gift Guide of Proper Essentials For the Single Man

Found yourself alone under the mistletoe this year? Not to worry, the season of giving also entails treating yourself to the things you so richly deserve. Bereft of the burden of picking up expensive trinkets for your special friend, use this as an opportunity to stock up on the essentials every proper man needs.

To aid you in the quest of finding your perfect gift, we’ve assembled a handy guide for the single and not lonely. (RX prescription monocle not included but highly suggested.)


A Chef’s Knife

A proper man needs the proper chef’s knife. It takes care of everything from slicing and dicing vegetables to cutting a whole chicken in half. Wielding one brings about great power in the kitchen, and it’s prowess is highly dependent on it’s maker. We suggest Global Knives, a Japanese brand whose superiority in cutlery is unmatched. Well, almost.


Proper Glasses

Chalice, vessel, grail for your most holy of liquids, crystal glasses are the gentleman’s tool for imbibing your drink of preference. It meets at the crossroads of form and function, and this enviable specimen is more than a flight of fancy.


Chemex Coffee Maker

Why would anyone use a coffee maker that takes twice as long to grant you a glorious, steaming cup of java? Because it’s artfully crafted silhouette fits in with the other enviable objects at at MoMa and will help turn your kitchen counter into a curated display. Bring the romance back to drinking coffee, and actually enjoy the process as opposed to treating it as a less graphic caffeine IV.



While toting around that iPad has made your life easier, jotting down notes and plans in a handsome leather date book will never be out of style. Reaching inside your breast pocket for a sleek planner as opposed to fumbling in your bag for a tablet at the bar isn’t old school – but savvy in a way tech can never be.



Not only is gin delicious unto it’s own, but constitutes the majority of the elegant, universally appreciated gentleman’s drink – the martini. As a host you should always have a few bottles on hand that can do in a pinch, and we’re quite keen on Bluecoat Gin and Gin-Ka this season. Because let’s face it, martinis are the gift that keeps on giving regardless of your mistletoe status.

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    Justin Brunner
    Personally, a good bottle of whiskey would beat out the Gin, but a great list nonetheless. Cheers and Happy Holidays to all!
    26 months ago | Report abuse |
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      The Editors
      Well, we certainly wouldn't object to said bottle. Happy Holidays to you as well, good sir.
      26 months ago | Report abuse |
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    Dominick Leone
    Rogues and Gentlemen, If one is looking for an exceptional date book, where do you suggest a start. I have yet to find one that I fancy. Best
    25 months ago | Report abuse |