Summer essentials 6-22-2011

9 Summer Essentials

Dog days? No way. Summer’s the perfect time to show off. These items will help you do just that.

Sure it’s hot and humid out there. But that’s no reason to stay indoors. The days are long and that means it’s the best time of year to get out and show off your style. These essentials are up to the task, keeping you looking your best while also keeping you from wilting in the sun.

1 Anything Gingham.

Gingham is a fabric with a summer attitude—fun, breezy, and colorful. It’s the perfect way to add color to a summer suit, whether it’s a shirt or a pocket square. Make sure you’ve got you’re favorite colors ready to go.

Orange jacket
2 Anything Orange.

Color is good. And this summer, we’re into orange. Whether a big statement like a sport coat or just the accent in a pocket square, orange is incredibly welcoming and fun. And isn’t that what summer is about?

Military sport shirt
3 Military Sport Shirt.

Prefer to look a little more rugged this summer? This shirt looks like something Hemingway would’ve worn while posing next to his latest trophy while on safari in Africa. Yours will look equally at home standing next to the grill at a BBQ.

Slim shorts
4 Slim Shorts.

Leave the baggy look to your swim trunks. You’ve embraced the slim-cut shirt, so your shirts should follow suit. And if they’re too long for your liking, we’ve seen them rolled and cuffed as well.

5 Slip-ons.

Ah, summer. It’s a paradise for the guy who likes to stand out from the crowd. And for the true individualist, that extends right down to your toes. Slip-ons come in a variety of unique patterns and fabrics to cover yours.

Linen suit
6 The Linen Suit.

You’ve got the cotton suit, now consider its equally comfortable counterpart. The relaxed, casual look of a linen suit is at home in the office or at your best friend’s wedding. Consider it a summer staple, like corn on the cob.

Penny loafers
7 Updated Penny Loafers.

When things get dressier, slip off the slip-ons, and slip on the penny loafers. The updated versions are sleeker than the older models you may remember. And try to forego the socks, too—your ankles deserve their day in the sun, too.

8 Wayfarers.

For practically as long as there have been summers, Wayfarers have been the shades to have. And now you can find them with distinctive accents that let you make a more personal statement. How cool is that?

White jeans
9 White Jeans.

Jeans don’t always leap to mind when it’s scorching outside, but these were built for summer. Pair them with a colorful polo, and you’re ready for a concert in the park or a late-afternoon walk on the beach.


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