Spring Essentials 3-28-2011

9 Spring Essentials

Spring has announced itself. Now it’s your turn.

This year, spring is about one thing: color. Lots and lots of color. And it’s no time to be shy. Resolve to cure your cabin fever. Put the tweed and flannel away. And get out and be seen. Besides, the days are getting longer, so there’s more time to be seen. So get to it.

Suede Bucks
1 Bucks

Classic in every sense of the word. Bucks are at home just about anywhere. The office. A night out. The weekend. It just isn’t spring without them. We prefer the versatility of the tan ones, but feel free to go bold with a brightly colored pair.

Classic Suede Bucks

Cotton Ties
2 Colorful plaid ties

The plaid tie has made one heck of a comeback. They were everywhere this past fall and winter. And now, they’re ready for a repeat performance in brighter, more playful colors. Let the tie be the hero: pair it with simple solids.

Cotton Pocket Squares
3 Colorful, patterned pocket squares

The stark-white Don Draper pocket square has served you well. And it’ll continue to do so. But why not give your sober grey and navy suits a pick-me-up? Start with a pop of color from a patterned pocket square.

Cotton Pocket Squares

4 Not your average chino

Kick casual Friday up a notch. Let them know: the man in the brightly colored chinos is not to be trifled with. Remember, it’s all about confidence. Wear them like jeans—just don’t take yourself too seriously.

Lightweight Chinos

Dress Shirt
5 The club collar shirt

By now, you probably know what collar looks best on you. Or at least you have a favorite. This spring, switch it up a bit and throw a club collar dress shirt into the mix. It’s a bit old school, which, these days, means it’s downright modern.

Golf Collar Dress Shirt

Cotton Rain Coat
6 The cotton trench

The rain will come. And when it does, you need to be prepared. And by prepared, we mean you need to look sharp. Save the brightly colored windbreaker for weekend hikes. Look for a sleek, simple trench to complete your look.

Cotton Twill Rain Coat

The double-breasted suit
7 The double-breasted suit

Not just for corporate tycoons anymore, the double-breasted suit is making its way into more relaxed settings. Don’t be afraid to separate the jacket from the pants and dress it down with a pair of jeans and chunky wingtips.

Mariner sweater
8 The mariner sweater

You may not spend any time on a boat or live near water. But you can still embrace the nautical look and do it in manly style. Look for simple stripes and a healthy dose of navy. Pair it with something casual—like jeans—to avoid looking too fussy.

Mariner Stripe Sweater

Sport Jacket
9 The unstructured sport coat

If you buy only one item this season, make it this one. The lightweight construction gives it the versatility you’ll need to move from spring to summer. Dress it up or down—regardless, it won’t disappoint.

Chalk Stripe Sport Jacket


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  • avatar
    I'm with you on all these looks but the Club Collar? I know its meant to be all the rage but if you've got less than chiseled features, how well does this play out? LOVE the plaid ties!!
    47 months ago | Report abuse |
  • avatar
    @EricLutz, Aagreed. Just as what's best in regards to the width and length of a collar varies man to man, so does the shape. Perhaps the Clifford collar, a shrunken button-down, might pique your interest while satisfying the "what's old is new" trend.
    46 months ago | Report abuse |
  • avatar
    It would be nice of BB was actually SELLING some of the pocket squares in this sequence, but they're neither at the store nor website.
    46 months ago | Report abuse |
    • avatar
      Doyle Anderson
      I have had good luck finding these colorful pocket squares at the BB Outlet stores. Often they are not on display but I always ask. Suddenly a clerk will pull open a drawer and there they are!
      43 months ago | Report abuse |