Thank You Cards 1-2-2013

Wrapping Up the Holiday Season

Start 2013 on a good (thank you) note

Now that you’ve emptied your stocking and coveted or re-gifted the good intentions of loved ones and in-laws, why not start the year off right by sending thank you notes?

Follow our five handy tips for acknowledging their hard work and you’ll be in fine shape for 2013.

1. Send thank you cards.

Don’t just think about it, do it. It’s a simple gesture that garners good will and hopefully more presents in the future.

2. Hand write them.

By investing a bit of yourself in the writing process rather than relying on your laptop, you’ll capture very much appreciated and unfortunately nearly antiquated charm.

3. You don’t have to go overboard with stationary.

While your standby Hallmark card with “Merry Christmas!” emblazoned on the inside will do in a pinch for your niece, something so simple as card stock from that stationery set you invested in three years ago will work wonders. It’s the thought, not trappings that count.

4. Make it personal.

We all have our formula for writing thank you’s, but by adding three short lines about the particular item you received and why you enjoy it, the receiver will know you put thought into it rather than just begrudgingly gone through the motions.

5. Send it within a month.

Given the business of the holiday season if you can finish and send your thank you’s within two weeks you’re shipshape. Worst case scenario, stretch it to a month. Any time after, makes you look inconsiderate or that perhaps you just plain forgot.

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