Teen DJ 9-1-2011

We “labored” over this title…

...and gave up. Here's 10 songs inspired by our love for summer just in time for Labor Day.

Sadly, those long summer days are almost over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the music that puts you in the GTH-pant spirit. We’ve compiled a list of tunes that will allow you to bask in those last precious moments this Labor Day Weekend. While we love our three-month stint where blasting The Surfaris’ “Wipeout” and playing The Beach Boys Greatest Hits on repeat are the acceptable (even encouraged) norm, they are guaranteed to be playing at someone else’s barbeque. We find summer to be the perfect time to broaden your horizons. Let loose with some of these, dare we say it, “with-it” selections or enjoy a tune you may have forgotten about. You may be surprised by what you find yourself tapping your boat shoes to. [If none of these songs satiate your summer song palette, please accept our sincere apologies and get your Bryan Adams fix here. No hard feelings.]


1- Pixies- “Here Comes Your Man”

Because the Pixies perfected the “unorthodox marriage of surf music and punk rock” over two decades ago and this Tom Petty-esque classic still holds a place in our heart.


2- Brett Dennen – “Sydney (I’ll Come Running)”

Because “Sydney” is a vibrant reminder of what a feel-good song should be, and
critical comparisons to Van Morrison and James Taylor certainly do not hurt


3- The Black Keys- “Howlin’ for You”

Because this song is what happens when the sounds of Gary Glitter meet snappy blues rock. Enough said.


4- Arcade Fire- “Keep the Car Running”

Because, and we admit, the Grammys introduced us to these Best Album winners and we haven’t been able to stop listening. Plus any band that plays a hurdy-gurdy, or rather a person who knows what that is, should get a tip of the hat in our book.


5- Ben Kweller, “Penny On a Train Track”

Because a truly good driving song should never be taken for granted.


6- Toots and the Maytals, “Take Me Home, Country Roads”

Because the thought of Reggae John Denver cover songs has never crossed your
mind, and you are really missing out on a pleasant twist on summer Americana.



7- Simon & Garfunkel- “Cecilia”

Because you can debate whether this song is about a capricious lover or if Paul Simon was asking St. Cecilia for musical inspiration over a refreshing summer cocktail amongst friends. (It’s a definite crowd pleaser)


8- Adele- “That’s It, I Quit, I’m Moving On”

Because not only is her Sam Cooke cover catchy, but Adele’s vocal styling is a throwback to a generation of soul inspiring music with a modern youthful twist. We’d also recommend anything by this talented young lady, but we’re sure you’ve heard about her already (because, well, she’s just that good).


9- Jack Johnson- “Wasting Time”

Because this song brings you straight to the beach with a drink in hand even if you’re stuck at the office. And let’s face it; “wasting time” and summer go together like … bowties and Fridaysboat shoes and schooners… madras and clambakesgin and tonic… (you get what we mean. )



10- Josh Rouse- “I Will Live On Islands”

Because this song is the epitome of indie rock infused with Johnny Cash-esque lyrical inspiration; Vampire Weekend meets Folsom Prison Blue to be exact.

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