Tipping Etiquette 1-30-2013

Tipping the Scales in Your Favor

The origin of the word 'Tip'

Be it a birthday, Valentine’s Day or the anniversary of your company softball teams’ FINALLY beating the offices of Pierce & Pierce, there are just some nights that need to be extra special, nay perfect. Then why leave it to the fickle hands of fate or an overworked server? Your proverbial and literal bread basket will be overflowing, water and wine glasses never empty and service always on point if you perform one simple task: tip before, not after the meal.

“Tip” is believed to at one point literally mean ‘To Insure Promptness’, a self-explanatory acronym if there ever was one. In the years before minimum wage laws came into effect and servers solely existed on tips, one would ply them with bigger sums at the beginning of the meal for swifter service. Now that they receive a required base salary, the tip comes after the meal based on your waiters’ or waitress’ performance. So if you happen to pull your server aside before settling in and mention you would appreciate their special attention for this momentous occasion, that $20 bill you place in their hand is not a bribe. It’s merely a nearly antiquated yet prudent formality.

While we promote rules of etiquette pertaining to both the rogue and gentleman here, this move certainly falls into the latter category.

Let’s give it a try.

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