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The Playbook

10 Rules for Sunday's Big Game

For those (lucky few) attending the game this weekend, we have some slightly more roguish guidelines for the gentlemen out there who may not be familiar with the great sport known as Football.


1. This is not the place to bring back the ascot. And dare we say it (as much as it pains us…), skip the bow tie. Alternative neckwear? Binoculars (the cheerleaders may have new uniforms this year).

2. Wear a sport coat, however be sure to tone it down with a pair of chinos or jeans. That way the chap with the letters painted on his chest won’t feel like he’s underdressed.

3. Save the bright colored socks for another day.

4. Same goes for the face and/or body paint.

5. Leave your loafers and pennies at home. Opt for more casual kicks.

6. Hide your hip flask. Enough said.

7. Know your colors. Red, white and blue is especially safe this year.

8. Buy a round. It’s just the right thing to do in every situation.

9. Bring layers. Even though it’s in the dome, the girl to your left may get a bit chilly.

10. Have fun, but beware of that sneaky jumbo-tron.


Lastly, we’ll leave you with this. Know who you’re with and where you’re sitting. There’s a big difference between the box, the bleachers, and your barbequing buddies at the tailgate. Being appropriate is always dependent on situation.

Game on.


Illustration by Paul Brown, sourced from the Brooks Brothers Archives.

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    By the way, when is the right time to "bring back the ascot"?
    33 months ago | Report abuse |
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      The Editors
      We'll get back to you on that one.
      33 months ago | Report abuse |