Artist/Rebel/Dandy: Men of Fashion at RISD 6-3-2013

The Dandy Explained

Beau Brummel Exhibition at Newport's RISD Museum

Who doesn’t love Newport? The beaches are exquisite, there’s all those sail boats, the Tennis Hall of Fame…we certainly have a soft spot for Rhode Island.

However, there’s only so much time you can spend baking yourself on the beach and watching toddlers get amusingly, irrationally angry whenever they’re soaked by a big wave. After your SPF has worn off why not try soaking in a little culture?

The editors are pretty excited about the Artist/Rebel/Dandy exhibit at Newport’s RISD museum. It explores how fashion challenged our culture and status quo, starting with Beau Brummel, the original dandy.

Check it out, and meet us for lobster rolls after.


Located at the RISD museum

Now through August 18th

20 North Main St

Providence, RI


Photo credit: Four-piece suit worn by Michael Strange (pseudonym of Blanche Oelrichs), ca. 1928. Brooks Uniform Co., tailor, New York, est. last quarter of 19th century. Gift of Joana Avillez.

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