Reel Cheer 12-19-2012

Reel Cheer

Holiday Flicks: For Your Consideration

As you may have surmised, the holidays are indeed upon us.

If claymation elves and a 1960’s soundtrack does little to deck your halls movie-wise, we here at ORG have compiled a list of alternate, holiday-inspired films to quell your humbug and fill you with more goodwill towards man.



Whit Stillman’s Upper East Side masterpiece only gets better with age.  Top hat and tails, pink sweaters and tweed blazers make a style template for Christmas with the fam’ before returning to Cambridge. It’s the de rigueur Christmas film for the Urban Haute Bourgeoisie.





This clever 1988 reimagining of “A Christmas Carol” takes the moral lessons of Dickensian London and puts them in a modern context. Instead of playing a miserly banker, Murray’s Ebenezer-like Frank Cross plays something infinitely more frightful, a network television executive.

This Phoebe Cates-led film about mischievous creatures terrorizing an idyllic small community during the holiday season is filled with life-like puppetry (for the time) and special effects. Laughs are often followed by some truly frightening moments…. and that’s just taking into account the 1980’s wardrobe.

Die Hard
The king of all action movies just happens to be set during the holidays. New York City police officer, John McClane takes on a group of German terrorists, (led by Alan Rickman’s Hans Gruber) in a Los Angeles skyscraper while attempting to rescue his beloved ex-wife and her coworkers. Rife with action movie clichés but the film can be easily forgiven, if only for Bruce Willis’ aptitude for delivering sarcastic quips, even when facing certain death.

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