The Cannibal 6-1-2012

It’s What’s for Dinner

Cannibal - a different kind of BBQ

So, Memorial Day has come and gone. While memories of hosting the revelry, good company and spirits will not be soon forgotten (or already forgotten if you were celebrating a trifle too hard) the grueling cleanup process isn’t something you’ll be rushing to recreate any time soon.

If you live in an urban area, getting propane for the grill is a chore in itself. If you live in the ‘burbs, not only maintaining your grill but surrounding deck space is another slew of tasks. Honestly, when all the prep work and clean-up time is taken into account, grilling isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. And, to be perfectly blunt, you won’t lose any of your credibility as a red blooded, meat eating gentleman if you prefer to go out for your barbecue fix.

And that’s what the editors of #ORG set out to do. Rather than test out a tried and true Southern barbecue place (as near and dear to our hearts as they are) we decided to go off the beaten path and acquaint ourselves with one of Manhattan’s meat loving gems: Cannibal.

Aside from being a butchery and hosting an alarmingly well-stocked variety of beer (over 550 different varieties between Cannibal and its big brother restaurant next door, Resto) Cannibal’s relaxed vibe and elevated taste is perfect for a group outing or testing your date’s penchant for adventure. Whether you’re in the mood for lamb rillette, pork liver mousse or the oxford button-down equivalent of dishes — the country ham board — you can choose an entree based on how daring you’re feeling that day.

Our picks? The editors were quite enamored with the bone marrow. The rich spread is thickly applied to crusty loaves of bread and served as a decadent pre-cursor for the rest of the night. A close favorite, the steak tartare, is literally a rare treat. Blended with smooth bernaise sauce and hints of sharp shallot, it can be amply applied to toast points or simply enjoyed on its own . The steak (we preferred ours medium-rare) was perfectly juicy and tender, probably even more so because we didn’t have to cook it ourselves. To round out the flavor, attentive servers offered their sage opinion concerning which beer, wine or cider would pair best with the meat selection. And with such a wide array of beverages their advice was more than necessary.

Although it was a tad too cold to enjoy our meal outdoors, this bike friendly restaurant (Cannibal actually wasn’t named after its obvious connotations towards meat, but after the Belgian cyclist Eddie Merzx’s nickname) is the perfect restaurant to enjoy a fine cut of veal or, even, a roasted pigs head while toasting to a summer in Manhattan.

Of course we subjected Mr. Pappanicholas, the man behind it all, to our OR&G questionnaire on our last visit:

Connery or Craig: Connery
Favorite Bond Film: For Your Eyes Only because it features Greece where my family is from
Regular or Slim Tie: Regular
Pleat or Plain Front Trousers: Plain
Single or Double Breasted: Two-button single breasted jacket
Where is home in your heart: The French Open, Rolangeros, or with my family
If you were trapped on a desert island with only three foods, what would they be: Broccoli rabe, dry aged steak, and peanuts
White or Red: Typically white, but I’ll drink anything good
Favorite Wine: Sagrintino Di Montefalco Pallo Bella

Follow Cannibal on twitter and visit them in Manhattan the next time you’re in the Big Apple.

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