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Foul Weather Ahead

Take Old Man Winter to task this season

Winter Weather can play many tricks on the dapper gentlemen’s day. In the spirit of the snow that may eventually arrive in New York here are a few rules we adhere to collected from several chaps here in the office. Be warned – they are both roguish and gentlemanly.


1. “Carry a pocket flask. You never know when you’ll need to take a bite out of old man winter.”

2. “Spare your favorite shoes and wear the boots. It’s a pain but your brogues will thank you.”

3. “If you do have to wear out your ‘fancy’ shoes in the sleet, remember to brush off the salt promptly once you’re inside. Eats away at the fine finish.”

4. “The Beatles get me through the really cold days. Don’t ask.”

5. “Can’t say enough for having an extra umbrella at the office. I always carry one on dreadful days, but a spare always lets me be chivalrous.”

6. “Carry extra cash for the coat check. $1 per piece, at least.”

7. “I keep my scarves out and on display on a proper coat rack. It’s messy (NYC apartment and all), but still elegant. It also makes sure I actually take one.”

8. “Break out the tweed. Snow is the perfect time to wear bullet-proof fabrics.”

9. “Lined rain boots are the ultimate luxury.” *

10. “Take up a new winter sport. I’m told the hot one this season is Ice Fishing.”


Honestly no matter deep the snow drifts appear, remember Spring really is just around the corner.

If you’re still having trouble in February, see #1.


* Heard twice.

Photograph of Brooks Brothers Boots. 1940
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    The boots on display are wading boots for trout fishing. The studs and felt soles keep one from busting it on moss slick rocks. Felt soles carry bad stuff from stream to stream and are no longer recommended
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