Charcuterie 11-19-2012


Boar, and Rabbit, and Pork! Oh My!

#3 in our Recipes Every Man Should Know Series

Don’t let the name fool you, it may be hard to pronounce and sound a bit frou-frou, but Charcuterie literally translates as “flesh cooked,” now what could be better than that?

This appetizer is as easy to whip together as it is tasty (and perfect to bring to that Thanksgiving Dinner you were invited to).  Simply purchase copious amounts of cured meats, the more obscure the better (e.g., delicious boar sausage and rabbit pâté,) and pile it high.  You should also accompany your meat mountain with a small variety of pickled veggies to provide a brief tangy respite from the fatty goodness.

Arrange the various edibles on a cutting board or large platter.  Don’t get too fussy with the layout, remember Charcuterie dates back to the first century AD, before the pretentious notion of Nouvelle Cuisine, when­­ men ate with the most versatile utensil…the hands.

Check out your local cheese shop or butcher; even some supermarkets are beginning to carry these wonderfully salty treats.

Boar Sausage
Rabbit Pâté
Prosciutto di Parma
Serrano Ham
Pickled Gherkins
Mediterranean Olive Mix


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    I would a sampling of simple hard cheeses to this list. I might include fresh mozzarella, as well.
    26 months ago | Report abuse |
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      The Editors
      Dandy idea. The more the merrier, as it were.
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