the fun starts here 4-12-2012

The Fun Starts Here

The origin of the ever-preppy FUN Shirt

At OR&G, we like to say the FUN began in the 70s.  That’s when Ash Wall, Vice President and fifth-generation descendent of Brooks Brothers founder Henry Sands Brooks, traded the shirt off his back for what would become one of the most-shall we say-accidental innovations.

On a trip to our factory, Ash spied a pile of shirts, all unique, and all made from no less than 10 different colors of striped fabric.  “Those are some fun shirts,” he supposedly said, and the name stuck.  Even after Archie Summers, the factory manager, told him that the shirts were made from scraps by new employees just learning to sew.  Ash could not be deterred from changing into one of those FUN shirts, right then and there.


Pictured: The Brooks Brothers 2012 Fun Shirt. Over the years, these have become a preppy tradition, the Go-to-Hell shirt if you will.

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    Why only in slim and extra slim fit. How about that shirt in traditional fit?
    30 months ago | Report abuse |
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    i honestly don't like them - unhappy accident. When are these to be worn? where do they look acceptable?
    28 months ago | Report abuse |
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    Sorry I missed it when it was issued this Spring. Bring it back, soon, in traditional and/or regular fit.
    27 months ago | Report abuse |