FlaskFinal 9-27-2012

The Flask – A Classic Gift that Keeps on Giving

…anytime, anywhere.

An accessory every gentleman should own, flasks are a sleek and discreet way to keep your spirits (literally) in check. Whether you need a quick nip of courage on the commute home or for something so daunting as meeting the parents, flasks are a great way to sidestep etiquette while remaining within line of reasonably roguish behavior.

While variations of the flask can be found as early as the Middle Ages in the form of gutted out fruit (curing the Bubonic Plague clearly took a backseat to flask design) the charming vessel as we know it now appeared around the 18th century in the hands of gentry.

Traditionally constructed in pewter, silver or even glass, flasks make effortless and thoughtful gifts when engraved. They can bear initials, dates of memorable occasions, emblems of allegiance to society’s and clubs, or even witty one-liners. Keep in mind not all “cherished moments” need to be memorialized.

Because of their sentimental value, flasks are best given at milestones in ones’ life. They’re graciously received at graduations, weddings, court acquittals and gradually passed down from Father to Son, Uncle to Niece or just generally passed around the office on Friday afternoon. Bottoms up.

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    Uhhhhh, a nip of courage on the commute home? Seriously?
    28 months ago | Report abuse |
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      The Editors
      Indeed sir. Indeed.
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    Who makes that flask, and can i get it anywhere?
    17 months ago | Report abuse |
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      The Editors
      That's actually vintage sir.
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