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Slim down for spring and summer.

The slim ties to wear when the warm weather hits.

We know you’re furiously getting in your pushups and sit-ups every morning so you’ll look good at the beach this summer. But don’t forget about the office; there’s still work to do there, too. Even though office attire might drift toward weekend wear this time of year, that doesn’t mean you have to put the ties away. In fact, do the opposite—grab a summer tie and make a statement. Break from tradition with brighter colors and bolder patterns. Keep it relaxed with summer fabrics like cotton, madras, seersucker, and linen. Pair one of these slim ties with your navy or grey suit, and you’ll look as impressive at the office as you do at the beach.

Pink Spring Tie
1 The Bold Gingham Check

Does your grey suit need an attitude adjustment? Bold, oversized checks will do the trick. And don’t be shy. Pair it with a white pocket square for a striking, professional, and utterly confident look.

Green tie
2 The Cotton Oxford tie

As versatile as your favorite striped silk ties, this one’s just a bit more relaxed. Pair it with a complementing mini gingham shirt for a punchy combination, or let the tie be the star by pairing it with a crisp, white dress shirt.

Pink and green spring tie
3 The Madras Tie

A bit less casual than its patchwork sibling, this tie is all about the play on colors and pattern. But don’t try pairing it with any other madras items—it’ll never work. One madras item at a time, please.

Madras tie
4 The Patchwork Madras Tie

Best worn later in the week, this tie’s ultra-relaxed patchwork signals that you know the rules, but you’re not about to pretend the weekend isn’t just around the corner. Looks great with jeans and your navy blazer or an unstructured sport coat.

Blue spring tie
5 The Plaid Cotton Tie

The plaid tie isn’t reserved for winter or fall. And plaid ties don’t only come in wool or silk. Keep with the season and go bright. And make it cotton. The bright colors and patterns provide plenty of visual interest, so surround it with simpler, less busy items.

Light blue tie
6 The Striped Linen Tie

Is there anything more relaxed and sophisticated than linen? No, there isn’t. While it may be less playful than cotton and madras, it’s still the ultimate warm-weather fabric. A linen tie might not make a bold statement, but it’ll make a statement. The right kind.

Blue and white striped
7 The Striped Seersucker Tie

You don’t have to be from the South to pull off the seersucker tie. Pair it with any of your suits—except your seersucker one (don’t be that matchy-matchy)—to give your look a lift and a little texture.

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