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Put some spring in your step.

The casual shoes you’ll need for spring and summer.

Like a frenzied crowd beating on the fence outside an oversold music festival, there are plenty of shoes trying to make their way into your closet this time of year. We’ve identified the ones you’ll want to let in.

For on and off the road.

Canvas chukkas are like an SUV commercial. They can comfortably take you both afield and around town. But not too far off-road. Or too, too dressy an occasion. Like their suede siblings you see in the fall and winter, they weren’t meant for extremes. Pair them with jeans or your favorite chinos.


For the Beach.

1. Slip-ons, like these Keds, go great with jeans, chinos, or shorts. They’re colorful. They’re comfortable. They’re cool. Just remember, if you’re wearing them with shorts, it’s best to go sockless unless you want to look like grandpa on vacation.

2. Good for everything from a backyard Wiffle ball game to dinner at your favorite dockside restaurant, the canvas sneaker—these are by Superga—is a summer classic. Usually seen mostly in solids, although like the slip-ons, interesting patterns are available as well.

3. If you regularly stand on a dock where a trophy fish has just been weighed, or love attending messy crab feasts (who doesn’t?), or find yourself tromping across a wet lawn after a thunderstorm, then take a look at these loafers from SWIMS. They combine great looks with great water- and muck-resistant features.

4. Of course, for some of you, warm weather means only one thing—flip-flops. And you don’t plan on taking them off until after Labor Day. Not that we’re suggesting that. There are too many fun shoes to choose from, no? However, if you’re serious about flips-flops, you’ll want several like these, with the straps available in a variety of colors and patterns. Everything from madras to seersucker is out there. Don’t be afraid of a little bit of color.


For the boat.

There aren’t many shoes that can take you from deck to dock to dinner, but the boat shoe, an undisputed summer classic, is up to the task. Get them in as many colors as you can. Summer is the time to show off. And your feet shouldn’t be left out.


For dressier occasions.

1. Warm weather also brings with it some slightly dressier occasions, the garden party and the Kentucky Derby are two that come to mind. For these, you’ll want a shoe like the white buck. With jeans, with khakis, and of course, with seersucker suits, they add a touch of class to summer fun.

2. Another dressier, but still casual choice, are suede wingtips. Think of them as a dressier version of the buck and a great alternative to sneakers or boat shoes—a stylish pinch hitter. Perfect without socks and paired with clean white jeans and a blazer. You can find them in most of the same colors your sneakers are in, too.

3. If you’re attending a BBQ or a 4th of July party, is there a more natural fit than wearing a pair of suede sneakers? They look great with khaki shorts or faded jeans. If you’re the kind of guy who likes wearing something you’re not likely to see on another guy’s feet (you know who you are), then these are for you.

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    Today was our campus' inaugural boat shoes day... for the first time the weather hit 70. That being said, it's back to 50 and rainy by tomorrow.
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