Outermost Intentions 11-7-2012

Outermost Intentions

Timeless toppers for the man about town

Classic, versatile and timeless should all be key adjectives when investing in a jacket. One should never fear the head shake of disapproval for sporting outdated outerwear – let’s reserve that for Friday mornings when sending your Executive Assistant out for multiple bottles of Advil.

All warranted misdemeanors aside, please spare a moment to examine the time-tested and Rogue approved Barracuda and Quilted Puffy Jackets for wardrobe consideration.



As much as we’d all like to embody Steve McQueen’s classic cool in The Thomas Crown Affair, there can only be one highlander.

However, we can mimic his casually polished style and sport the Barracuda jacket – the same universally flattering silhouette that has graced the backs of Ivy Leaguers and silver screen legends for generations.

Originating in Britain in 1937 through the capable hands of John and Isaac Miller, “the G9” gained it’s signature lining when Lord Lovat of Beaufort Castle gave the Miller’s permission to use the Fraser clan’s tartan. We like to think that the print was exchanged for herds of sheep and weaponry, but considering this was 1938 and not under Braveheart-esque conditions, cash and grain alcohol probably sufficed.



The quilted jacket takes its cues from the gambeson, a rudimentary form of armor worn by knights and soldiers alike from as early as the 10th century. Constructed from layers of linen, wool or leather and stuffed with scrap cloth or horse hair, it was surprisingly durable enough to stop heavy arrows, but never cupid’s.

Today the padded jacket has evolved into stylish outerwear that serves both form and function – akin to your ‘Highway to the Danger Zone’ ring tone.

Not only is it warm and durable, but comes in a variety of silhouettes, styles and caters to modern functionalities. Like pockets large enough to hold an iPad or even something so antiquated as a book for the gentleman and scholar.

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