The Quilted Blazer 8-30-2012

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A quick note from the Editor on the quilted blazer controversy

Did you hear about the now infamous quilted navy blazer?

If you didn’t, this WSJ piece sums up the debate pretty nicely.


We just figured it was time to put our two cents in.


We know, we know. It’s not a traditional blazer by any means.

Well, it is navy. And it does have lapels.

That said if fashion pushes the boundaries of what we wear, style is the careful collection – and adoption – of the best of fashion.


True style has to be flexible.


While you won’t catch us wearing one inside at the office this fall, we’re certainly excited for that first just chilly enough Saturday in October when we can slip this on.

Oh and for the record, we decided to file this under the outerwear section.

There. Now we’re done.

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    Not my taste but live and let live.
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