Floral Tie 4-17-2013

Flower Power

How to pull off this season’s favorite tie pattern

Let’s be honest – men are hesitant about wearing floral prints. Presumably, it’s an aversion brought on by memories of our Grandmother’s living room couch or Hawaiian shirt day at the office. Just as we have become comfortable wearing go-to-hell pants, it’s time to branch out and take that same leap with our neckwear. Reputable sartorial experts are forecasting this spring will be the season of the floral tie. Troubled by this? Fear not, friend. We’re here  with advice on how to pull off this look with panache.

In full bloom…

First and foremost, subtlety is key. Leave the large prints to Magnum, P.I. Select ties with muted patterns and pair with a dress shirt in soft hues for balance.

Once you’ve mastered this first step, consider a mini-gingham, checked or striped dress shirts of similar color. The contrast between the patterns will actually play quite well. You may want to test these combinations at home beforehand. We hear Instagram can be quite brutal.

Finally – and we will only say this once – floral on floral is tantamount to sporting black socks with sandals. You have been warned.

The hand holding is now over, so it’s time to go it alone. Start nice and slow, take a deep, confident breath and tighten that knot. It is often said that flowers are the best gift. This spring, do them one better.

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    I really like the tie that is presented above. Does anyone have any clue where to get it? Much appreciated.
    15 months ago | Report abuse |
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      The Editors
      That tie was a selection from last spring's Brooks Brothers collection.
      12 months ago | Report abuse |