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Fall Essentials – Urban Woodsman

Paul Bunyan we are not. But dandy, we sure hope so.

Ok, ok. We know. A rucksack?

While we won’t kid ourselves and deny that this list is certainly urban woodsman in nature (pun not intended), it does contains key and dare-we-say core elements that you can easily work into your wardrobe this fall. Whether you’re strolling down the streets of Manhattan or chopping down trees. Had to go there one more time.

The indispensable grey tweed sport coat – Your fall sidekick. Not a replacement for your navy blazer, but certainly a worthy stand-in. Consider a herringbone pattern to add a bit of texture. It’s a great transition piece since the weight allows it be be worn solo as a piece of outerwear on those early brisk nights of the season.

The updated knit tie - It’s the tie that everyone can’t seem to stop talking about. This season consider a seasonal fabric and skip the silk. A wool knit ties just as well and is actually the most authentic. Wool knit ties were inexpensive substitutes for traditional silk ties hence their popularity at Universities during their heyday.

The rucksack – Listen. If you need to carry more than it can hold than you better be heading away on vacation.

The colored chino – We’re champions of the GTH pant. Why restrict them to summer? In fall, choose deeper and richer hues to avoid the, “You’re not really wearing that after labor day?” look.

The boot redefined - Every gentleman needs a pair of quality boots. For emergencies. For the weekend. We prefer ours with a bit more aplomb, like this featuring details more often seen of your favorite brogues.

The classic cashmere cable - perfect on its own with your favorite chinos or as the last layer that takes the bite off the evening chill. Grey works well with the tweed jacket shown above or with that navy blazer we suggested you set aside for it.

The navy puffer vest - Our favorite pieces transcend both the casual and more polished worlds of dress. The puffer vest worn over a sport coat is a perfect example. Invest in navy and treat it like your new best friend.

The flannel shirt – Well, it wouldn’t be urban woodsman sans the flannel shirt now would it?

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    Those boots are amazing! The red brick sole is an awesome touch on a traditionally fall boot. What style are they? When will they be available? They seem to be all over the BB site and catalog, but not for sale online or in stores!
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