Happy New Year 12-28-2011

Embrace the Alternatives

Ring in this New Year sans the Notch Lapel

Don’t get us wrong. There’s nothing wrong with the Notch lapel. It’s the mainstay of a gentleman’s suiting wardrobe. But that’s just it. It’s become ubiquitous in menswear and so much so that it can be found on many of today’s tuxedos.

And by modern tradition, that’s ok. It’s appropriate. It’s Presidential even.

But black tie is an excuse for today’s gentleman to step up and out of the confines of every day life. To dress for dinner. To be Bond-like.

Consider the dramatic peak lapel. You know, the one that accentuates those broad shoulders of yours.

Or perhaps you prefer the elegance, the smoothness of the shawl lapel. Outside of a few poorly wardrobed TV shows, a formal event is really the one and only time a gentleman can wear this dignified lapel (you did click on that link right?).

This year let’s leave the notch lapel for the workweek.

And for your own sake, skip the rental.


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    The Shawl has been the mainstay in my wardrobe since my first tuxedo in 1980! Nothing better!
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    "And by modern tradition, that’s ok. It’s appropriate. It’s Presidential even." This sums up what is wrong with Brooks today. A notched lapel is NEVER correct for dinner wear, even if the President does it. President Obama also wore a white tie with his notched-lapel dinner jacket. If the President is the paragon of style, then we can assume it is appropriate to wear a digital watch with dinner wear, a la Bill Clinton. Today, unfortunately, even our Presidents receive faulty advice on what is appropriate and in good taste.
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