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Buckle up.

It’s time to break out the spring and summer belts.

A brown belt is something we put on without thinking, like the latest U2 album, and accept it because it performed well in the past. But just like there’s mind-blowing new music out there, wearing a colorful belt this spring and summer is something you should look into. And just as your musical tastes are eclectic, you shouldn’t be concerned with your belt matching the color of your shirt and pants. Go ahead, mix it up a bit.


You’re not really venturing too far from brown belt territory here. But a solid-color belt that adds a contrasting stripe of color with your shirt and pants will definitely help your look. Does a racing stripe make a car go faster? We doubt it. But even if a brown-belted guy beats you to the bar to order a drink, you’ll be the one who looks like a winner.




A good choice when you’re wearing a checked shirt. Remember to vary scale and pattern. What about a striped shirt and striped belt? That’s a bit trickier to pull off and is something you might see the Cincinnati Bengals wear, so avoid it unless you’re a pro.



Remember when that brown belt used to divide your white polo and chinos? Yes, we all do. It’s kind of like brown gravy on mashed potatoes. This madras belt is the cranberries. Enjoy the style holiday.




Just like some occasions call for “go-to-hell” pants, some call for a nautical belt. Lobsters, oars, lighthouses, seagulls––pick your favorite and then buckle on the attitude. Would you see Quint chase a shark in one? Probably not. But then again, he was dinner.


It’s a cinch.

For summer belts like these, feel free to buck the traditional notion that your belt needs to match your shoes. That is true for more formal occasions but these are casual belts. Think more about matching tones here, like a madras belt with brown deck shoes, for instance.

A belt shouldn’t be one of those things you take for granted. Give it a little thought. It’s an incredibly simple way to colorfully transform a look. And while it’s not quite the difference between seeing The Beatles in black and white on the Ed Sullivan Show versus seeing them on the Sgt. Pepper’s album, it’s still pretty striking. And that sounds good to us.

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    I enjoy these articles, but I have a suggestion for improvement. It's no secret that this a Brooks Bros. blog, and undoubtedly designed as a marketing tool, so why not make it a sales tool as well? For instance, these belts are great, but what if I see one I want to buy? You should include live links to the merchandise you feature in these entries to make it easy for customers to purchase items. When I see something I like, I want to click on the item and be redirected to the Brooks Bros. website where I can purchase it easily. I felt the same way when I read the earlier entry about unstructured sport coats. You make me want an item and then don't show me where to buy it! Just a thought.
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      I agree with Jeremy. In fact, Jeremy - go to the Brooks Brothers iPad app. It does exactly what you indicate only with their catalogs. Really cool. Thanks Brooks!
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