Square Deal 3-3-2011

The square deal.

The complete guide to folding pocket squares.

Occasionally a person can feel swallowed up in a sea of navy suits. How do you escape this tsunami of sameness? One way is the pocket square. Pocket squares are all about personality. But be sure you know how to fold yours. A bird’s nest protruding from your pocket is not the way to set yourself apart.

The following are the most common pocket square folds. Click on the one you like best to learn how to fold it.

The Square or “Presidential.”
The One-Point.
The Four-Point.
The Puff.

How easy was that?

Now that you won’t be haphazardly stuffing yours into your jacket pocket, check out how to match your pocket square and tie correctly. It’s the final step to adding the personality that will separate you from those faceless navy suits.

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