Flags 7-1-2011

Style, unfurled.

How to wear red, white, and blue for the 4th without looking like the American flag.

The Fourth of July is a great opportunity to show your patriotic style. But stealing the thunder from Old Glory by wearing a mix of red, white, and blue, with some stars and bars thrown in for good measure, is not the way to go. Just like you can look tropical in Key West or Waikiki without resorting to the Hawaiian shirt, you can let your love of country show without becoming a walking flag.

Pledge allegiance to solids.

Solid colors should be the foundation of your look. Whether white pants, red shorts, or a Navy T-shirt or button-down. Solids provide the best complement not only to the celebrations going on around you but also to the addition of well-thought-out stripes or patterns. Though, obviously, some guys will feel the solid look doesn’t have quite the personality they’re looking for. Which is fine, although we don’t recommend this approach.



Weaving in stripes and patterns.

Just like holding on to a lit firecracker too long will get you into trouble, so will adding stripes and patterns in a haphazard fashion. Some interesting choices are sweaters or polos tipped with an accent stripe, as they can be paired with shorts or pants in solid colors or even those with subtle embroidery.



The red-white-and-blue-patterned shirt is also a popular choice, provided that’s where the patterns end. Pairing it with red solid shorts and navy boat shoes is a classic look. And, if you’re invited to a slightly dressier affair for the Fourth, remember that striped ties and patterned pocket squares are a great way to add some personality. And for a complete look, consider a sport coat or blazer that incorporates elements of red, white, and blue. Combined with a navy tie, light blue button-down, and white pants, it’s a great way to mix your love of country with your love of style.



A banner year.

This is the home of the brave, after all, so don’t be afraid to be adventurous this Fourth of July. Just don’t let your patriotic fervor get the best of you and forget the basics of mixing and matching. Leave the exploding bursts of color and pattern to the fireworks.

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