Bouquets of flowers 6-6-2011

Is she OK with your bouquet?

How to buy flowers for your girl.

Purchasing the right flowers is like negotiating a colorful minefield. There’s the distinct possibility you won’t know which flowers she likes. You may not know what giving certain flowers actually means. And your purchase can come back to haunt you, as we discovered years ago. After securing a basketball-sized corsage to our prom date’s wrist, we endured her painfully awkward attempts at co-existing with it, until it found its way to the nearest trash can. So, to avoid your purchase blowing up in your face, so to speak, it’s best to know a few things first.


Flower power.

A florist is like a tailor in some sense, fitting you with the right flowers for your need. And, like a tailor, it’s important to rely on their knowledge and expertise. Just because you like a flower doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to give. It could turn out to be something traditionally given at funerals, like a white lily, so be sure to let the florist know who you’re buying for and why. Yes, it can be a little odd telling a complete stranger about the girl you just met, but remember, the right flowers can help a first date lead to a second, or turn a platonic relationship into a romantic one, or cause an apology to be accepted. You get the idea.


Don’t grab and go.

Stay away from the pre-made, multi-flower bouquets. They’re suitable for a child to give to his mom, but aren’t the best choice for you. Have the florist make you a bouquet and we recommend that it be of only one type of flower. It’s a simpler, more elegant way to make an impact.


Some great choices:

As with roses, different tulip colors have different meanings. Yellow means you’re thinking fondly of someone. Pink means affection. And red means true love. If you’d like something more visually striking, consider the color-streaked Parrot Tuilp.

A flower that seems to have as many possible meanings as it does colorful hues. Some say it means boastfulness, while others say it means you’re grateful for the understanding of the person you’re giving it to, while still others say it means heartfelt sincerity.

As symbols of warmth and happiness, giving sunflowers are a great way to spread some.

Sweet Pea
A flower popular for its fragrance as well as its looks, it represents bliss.

A lush flower that is actually a group of smaller, slender flowers spreading out from the center to form a star-like shape. Asters come in a variety of colors and are generally seen as symbols of love.

Lily of the Valley
Available only in the spring, the attractive fragrance of this flower makes it easy to see why this is a symbol of happiness.

Symbolizing friendship, the citrus scent of this flower adds to its popularity. The pink and red varieties smell the best.


Plant one on me.

Flowers wilt. That’s their downside. After a week or so, that beautiful vibrant bouquet becomes a bunch of sad looking stems in a vase full of brown water. Not attractive. So, consider going the live plant route. Orchids come in an incredible variety of shapes and colors and can be a good choice. They do require a high level of maintenance to thrive though. African Violets are on the other end of the maintenance spectrum. They’re great indoor plants that require little sunlight, need less care, and bloom almost continuously. Be sure you avoid giving this plant though.


A rose is a rose is a rose. And that’s the problem.

Let’s face it, roses are kind of expected. But, if you have your heart set on giving one, or a dozen, here’s a quick guide to what the different colors mean.

Red – True love.

White – Young love, loyalty.

Yellow – Friendship.

Pink – Appreciation, admiration.

Orange – Desire, passion.

Lilac/Purple – Love at first sight.


What’s the occasion?

Aside from all the romantic reasons for giving flowers, there are other lesser-known instances where arriving with a bouquet is the right thing to do. Bringing flowers, along with a nice bottle of wine, is a nice touch when going to a housewarming party. Remember to always bring flowers when meeting her parents for the first time, too. It tells them you’re a thoughtful sort of guy who wouldn’t be a bad match for their daughter. And if for some reason you ever have to break a date, sending flowers is a must. Even if you’re this guy. But even if there is no occasion, there’s nothing wrong with giving her flowers just because. In fact, that may be the best reason to give them.


What’s not to like?

With just a little effort, flowers are an easy way to make a big impression. They say things you can’t and put an exclamation point on what you do say. Of course you don’t have to go this far. But that’s why it’s important to try and give the right flowers. Like in football, calling the wrong play can still gain you some yards. But the right one can score you six points. And wouldn’t you rather be doing an end zone dance?

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