Pocket Full of Style 3-4-2011

A pocket full of style.

How to get the most from your pocket square.

Okay, so you’re considering a pocket square. First of all, bravo. Nothing adds personality to your look like little details done right. But there are some things to keep in mind so that little detail doesn’t become a major problem.

Pocket Square 1

This isn’t a luggage set

Don’t have a tie and pocket square that match exactly. You’ll get zero points for style and originality. Instead, pick a minor color from your tie, shirt, or suit and have your pocket square complement it. We’re accenting here, not dominating.

Pocket Square 2

As above, so below

Only a small part of your pocket square should actually show, so don’t resist bold patterns or colors. A pocket square is an indicator of personality. Think of it like a style iceberg, a hint of attitude above means there’s quite a bit more below the surface.

Pocket Square 3

A part of the whole

Bold is good. But your pocket square isn’t the star. If this were a movie, it would be a supporting actor, not the leading man. If it overpowers everything then it’s a production that’s not worth seeing.

Pocket Square 4

A gentlemanly approach

When you’re in mixed company, white is a nice color to consider. It’s classic, complements most everything, and, if your pocket square is made of cotton, you could even pass it along to a lady friend should the situation arise.

The successful square.

The pocket square helps you put the most personality into your look. Can you do without it? Sure. Just like you can get where you’re going in a car by only driving 30 mph. But why? Put in a pocket square and floor it.

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