The semispread collar of tie knots. Goes with just about every suit and shirt.

OR&G Endorses

Artist/Rebel/Dandy: Men of Fashion at RISD 6-3-2013

The Dandy Explained

Beau Brummel Exhibition at Newport's RISD Museum

Who doesn't love Newport? The beaches are exquisite, there's all those sail boats, the Tennis Hall of Fame...we certainly have a soft spot for Rhode Island. However, there's only so much time you can ... More »

Brooks Profiles

Nick Waterhouse 5-20-2013

The Right Note

An interview with Nick Waterhouse

Nick Waterhouse’s retro style and soulful sound take rock & roll back to its roots.  His debut LP, Time's All Gone, mixes classic rhythm & blues with jazz and soul music. The result is a ... More »


croquet 5-15-2013

The Ball is in Your Court

A Croquet Primer

A highlight of warmer, transitional weather is outdoor springtime dalliances. Sweet tea on the front porch, brie and crackers on the lawn and loads of friends drinking in the sunshine (along with alternative beverages). ... More »


Dandy at the Derby 5-1-2013

A Gentleman’s Wager

A guide to betting on the ponies

Kentucky is known for two things, Bourbon and Horses. And on one glorious day each year these two American pleasures collide in the most exiting two-minutes in sports – the Kentucky Derby. Of Rogues and Gentlemen ... More »


prohibition 5-1-2013

A Thirst for Justice

A brief history of the speakeasy

“Prohibition is better than no liquor at all.” – Will Rogers Imagine a world bereft of your favorite watering hole and bartender. A bleak landscape where you couldn’t walk into your corner liquor store and ... More »


Dinner Party 3 4-22-2013

Party Like It’s 1925

A Guide to the Etiquette of Social Gatherings

In our youth, a raucous basement party used to suffice as an ideal Saturday night. As we march towards respectability, our social calendars include gatherings that require more sophistication than warm beer and a Dave ... More »

  • Ask Brooks

    When is it appropriate to start wearing my Seersucker Suit?
    They say there’s a sucker born ever minute, but don’t be conned by pedantic sartorial regulations.  The Memorial Day through Labor Day restriction is a bit stifling.  Certainly today’s standards would allow for a fine ... More »
    Hot to Trot
    I wear only black socks with everything. Is it wrong?
    There is something to be said about too much of a good thing. Ok, ok, we took a bit of liberty with the illustration above. Hopefully.. While it may seem easier, even the ... More »
    Lapel pins! Do they ever make fashion sense or are they a distraction?
    When it comes to men’s jewelry less is, most definitely, more.  Think of the tragic tale of Mr. T, lost forever under the weight of his bountiful bling.  The lapel pin is a special case; ... More »
  • New Spring Arrivals

    New Spring Arrivals