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I was wondering if there are any rules against wearing a bow tie with a single breasted peaked lapel suit. The suit is charcoal, the bow ties are colorful and look good with the shirts and the color of the suit...I just don't know about the lapel. What say you?

As with so many questions worthy of sartorial debate, we often find ourselves asking, “What would Bond do?” But, more on that in a little bit.

Of the three most common lapel styles, the peak is considered to be the most dramatic as attention to the wearers shoulders while slimming the waist. Think of it as the naturally slimming lapel – to a point (pun intended). That said, pairing a bow tie, the of-the-moment neck wear choice of many a discerning gentleman, would be perfectly appropriate. For reference ,think of Bond in a black bow tie and peak-lapeled tuxedo. He always looked perfectly appropriate – even if he wasn’t always perfectly appropriate.

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    No question that a bow tie is perfectly in sync with a peak lapel. As mentioned above, the only proper single breasted dinner jacket, normally paired with a bow, comes with a peak lapel. Recalling that a peak lapel is a more formal look though, it would not pair well with a button down shirt.
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