How to look taller. 6-2-2011

The height of fashion.

I’m around 5'3" tall, so you can see that I am a little short. I need some advice on what clothes I should buy to look taller.

This is a good question and you’re not alone. Every guy, unless he’s a center in the NBA, wants to appear taller. And, aside from having good posture, your clothes can certainly help you out. First of all, perhaps more than any other body style, a short man needs a tailor. Even minor flaws in what you’re wearing can widen you, causing you to look stocky.

So, with whatever you’re wearing, be sure it fits perfectly. Beyond that, there are some things to keep in mind. Vertical stripes and dark colors will appear to lengthen you. Consider an accessory like a pocket square that causes people to focus other places rather than always on your face. Go for a slim tie and avoid three-button jackets. And, choose V-neck sweaters. All of these can help. But really, the fit is the thing. Because when everything fits, you’ll look great, and that’s what people will remember, not your height.

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