Short-sleeved dress shirt with a tie? 6-3-2011

The final frontier.

I see that Brooks Brothers has a lot of short-sleeve shirts again this year for the summer. For those of us who don’t work for NASA, please settle the question for the modern age—is a tie ever acceptable with this type of shirt?

First of all, bravo, as we enjoy a question with a little humor thrown in for good measure. For a quick answer, we would say technically, no, it’s a look that’s best left to rocket scientists, airline pilots, and grizzled detectives. That being said, if this is a look you’ve been pining for ever since NYPD Blue was cancelled, we’re not going to stand in your way.

We’ve been known to sport the urban woodsman look of plaid shirt, flannel trousers, and work boots during the winter and we’re not lumberjacks. People express their style in different ways. That’s part of the fun. And other times it’s just necessary. If we lived where temperatures soared above 80 year-round, we’d likely have to throw on a short-sleeve dress shirt now and again just to beat the heat. But be warned that others might not be so fond of what you’re wearing. We’re pretty sure the guys from Ax Men wouldn’t be thrilled with our interpretation of their look. But we’re OK with that.

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