Sunglasses 7-14-2011

The eyes have it.

With summer in full swing, numerous outdoor social events taking place, and Wayfarers being a classic summer staple—what is the proper sunglasses etiquette when meeting new people? It seems somewhat rude, and no real connection is made without direct eye contact. So, should they be removed or simply not worried about for the moment?

We think you’ve hit on something that’s often overlooked. So, well done. Sunglasses aren’t just stylish during the summer, they’re a must-have when you’re outside. But people seem to become so attached to their sunglasses that they become almost welded to their faces. Even while indoors. Maybe they’re all members of the Corey Hart Fan Club. If that were the case, we’d understand the obsessive devotion to their shades.

The correct thing to do is remove your sunglasses when you’re meeting someone. Because at this point they change from being a stylish and functional accessory to being a barrier to communication. Leave them on and you’ll seem standoffish and somewhat antisocial. You should take them off completely or flip them up so they’re resting on top of your head. The important thing is to give the person you’re meeting the common courtesy of eye contact. The only guy who could get away with leaving them on and not offending us is this guy. Otherwise, it ranks up there for us with texting in a movie theatre and similar annoyances.

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    Reza Ketwaru
    Removing them is the only correct thing to do. Completly abject and ungraceful to have them on your head.
    43 months ago | Report abuse |
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    I have grown tired of seeing young professionals just out of school appearing in a professional setting with them leashed about their necks as if they might not have time to find them if a band party at the lake were to suddenly happen. It is very bad form in the courtroom.
    43 months ago | Report abuse |
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    So sick of exceptions for famous people. What exactly exempts *that* guy from the "rules" of etiquette that otherwise apply to one and all? Don't tell me you were only kidding, can;t I take a joke. Reread the paragraph and you will see it is commonly accepted as truth by the fame-fawning public.
    43 months ago | Report abuse |
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    I don't know that I am a hundred percent on this, but for some reason that jack nicholson picture reminds me of those bad guys from the mario bros movie with the tiny heads (I think they were supposed to be goombas, which was confusing). maybe its the balding head and the fact that his face seems to get wider as you pan down...
    36 months ago | Report abuse |