Chino cuffs 5-26-2011

The book on cuffs and chinos.

I normally wear pleated and cuffed chinos, but I want to pick up some that can be worn for both Casual Friday and weekends. I’m going with plain fronts, but should I go cuffed or no cuffs?

Pleats and cuffs on a pair of chinos are kind of like the dust jacket on a hardcover book—they dress it up a bit. They add a touch of formality. Plain-fronts, on the other hand, are like paperbacks, meant to be tossed about. They’re casual, which is what you’re looking for. So, forgo the cuffs. Plain-front chinos also look very nice loosely rolled up, great for a stroll on the beach where you find a good spot, pull that rumpled paperback from your backpocket, and sit down for a good read. And, if you want to know more about pleated- and plain-front pants, continue reading here.

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    I may be wrong in doing so but I cuff everything but jeans and tuxedo pants - pleated or plain front. Once I became accustomed to the weight a cuff adds, I can't stand a pant leg without it.
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