Style overboard? 6-30-2011

Style overboard?

I was recently invited to an event and the dress code for gentlemen says “Summer Ahoy.” I was wondering what this exactly means?

As you’ve probably deduced from the “Ahoy” on your invite, the dress code of your event has a nautical flavor. It could almost be described “nauti-casual.” Think about what you’d wear if you were invited to have dinner aboard a friend’s sailboat. Disregard all the extremely casual choices, like shorts or boardshorts of course, and focus instead on solid chinos and shirts with a nautical feel, which predominately means colors in navy, white, or red, and bold stripes.

A classic look would be to pair white chinos with a striped navy and white long-sleeve polo and navy boat shoes (no socks, please). Or you could layer a white button-down under a navy and white striped sweater. Taking a jacket with you isn’t a bad idea, either. You can always take it off, so putting a navy blazer over the sweater works well, too.

If you want to really blow people away, you can go the double-breasted blazer route. If you do, have this guy show you the way. And when he’s done with you, let this guy give you the once-over. Whatever route you decide to go, though, remember to not take yourself too seriously. You’re not the captain of the Titanic. You’re there to have fun, and the way you dress should reflect it.

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