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Slim pickings.

I’m tall and skinny—6'4" and 155 pounds—and I can never find a pair of pants that fit me perfectly in the waist and the inseam. Either I find a pair that fits in the waist but the break falls short of the ankle, or the pants are the perfect length, but the waist is way too big. Which is more important, fitting at the waist, or the inseam?

There are a couple of things you can do. Go on a 5,000-calorie-a-day diet like some skinny post players in basketball have done in an effort to bulk up. Or, buy unhemmed pants. Because you’re right, it’s really not a question of buying pants with a certain waist size or inseam off the rack. Because no tailor will be able to take in enough fabric to make the waist fit perfectly or tack on enough fabric to lengthen them so they break correctly.

Purchasing unhemmed pants in the correct waist size should solve the problem. A few searches online will provide you with quite a few selections and, after taking them to a tailor to get the break right, you’ll be able to build up your wardrobe quite quickly. And actually, your situation can work to your advantage. Most guys buy their pants with an inseam that is near where it needs to be but never bother to get them tailored. Consequently, the majority of them are wearing their pants too long. You however, will be wearing a perfect pair of pants. And when you’re that far ahead of the crowd, any awkward moment that might arise you can easily shrug off.

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