The power suit. 6-17-2011

Power points.

What are some of the essentials for a “power suit?” I have an interview for a senior position and I want my attire to project confidence and leadership abilities.

A “power suit” is essentially your finest business look. And it isn’t just the suit, of course, it’s the entire ensemble right down to the shoes. There are some basic requirements for this look, as well. You’ll want a suit in a dark color, with navy or dark gray being the preferred choices, a crisp, white dress shirt, boldly striped tie, and your best shoes, in brown or black.

These basics are altered slightly, however, according to the age of the man wearing the suit. If you’re a younger guy, you’ll want to be sure to wear a suit with a slimmer, more modern cut that tells people you’ve got the youthful energy to get the job done. For an older man, a slightly fuller cut suit, possibly with some subtle pin-striping, projects a wealth of experience.

And, as with anything you wear—although it’s of utmost importance here—be sure what you’re wearing is tailored perfectly. An ill-fitting power suit completely defeats the purpose of wearing one. Much like the “Creamsicle-colored” uniforms the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wore in their early days made it hard for the team to project a tough image.

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