Large and in charge. 7-7-2011

Large and in charge.

I am a little on the bigger side and have problems picking the right size. I’m more tall than wide, so when I shop some clothes either fit me too tight or, if I go up a size, they fit me too loose. How can I find the perfect fit?

This is a common problem for bigger guys. Unlike tall and skinny guys who need to buy unhemmed pants to get the right fit, you’ll probably be able to find a pair with the correct inseam length. The similarity between you and the skinny guy though is in the starting point. You’ll want to get the proper fit in the waist first and foremost. Yes, the pant legs may seem to be too loose and have extra fabric in them but this is where the tailor comes in for you. He should be able to take out any fullness either in the leg or the seat to get you the perfect fit. For jackets, you’ll need to focus on getting the shoulders to fit correctly. For shirts, the neck. And again, your tailor will be able to adjust them to work perfectly with your body type.

And, one more thing to note when you’re shopping for your pants, maybe you should think about what pleats may be able to do for you. We know you said you were more tall than wide but, if you feel your width is something you want to minimize, a well-placed pleat can add some slimming verticality. There is one other thing to consider too, and that’s the fact that pants with a very full cut were once very popular. Mr. Astaire seems to be very excited about his here. And, with the cyclical nature of fashion, you might be perfectly positioned to spearhead the movement to bring them back. Just a thought.

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