What to wear to the opera in Milan. 6-24-2011

La Sartorial.

What can I wear to the opera in Milan? I feel like I can’t just wear the usual black suit since it is said to be the best opera in the world.

As you probably know, Italians are very serious about many things. Food, football, fashion, and opera, being among them. And while we’re equally passionate about our brand of football, their managers usually put our coaches to shame in the fashion department.

This fashion dominance extends to the opera where we’ve seen people attending in jeans and T-shirts here. You won’t see that in Milan. An evening at La Scala is on the shortlist for anyone who enjoys the arts, just as visiting The Louvre and the Prado are. Your ticket may have a dress code printed on one side, but if not, it’s safe to say that unless you’re attending opening night where black tie is expected, then a dark suit like you mentioned is perfectly fine.

But remember, though, this is Italy, and just throwing on a suit is not enough. It must be impeccably tailored and accessories like pocket squares and scarves are a must as well. The opera is quite an occasion and it should be treated as such. But if, after you’ve gotten dressed, you still feel that you need a little something more, you can always get yourself some of these.

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