012512_lapelpin 1-26-2012

La Pin Aigle

Lapel pins! Do they ever make fashion sense or are they a distraction?

When it comes to men’s jewelry less is, most definitely, more.  Think of the tragic tale of Mr. T, lost forever under the weight of his bountiful bling.  The lapel pin is a special case; it often marks affiliation with a school, club, regiment, country, etc.  This little pin equals a large statement of fidelity and can make sartorial sense on appropriate occasions.  A tasteful pin can add a nice pop to a reserved ensemble, especially a dark suit.  Take Congress for example, the American flag pin seems to be the only agreement on both sides of the aisle.   On a blazer the lapel pin runs the risk of looking like a perfect attendance award from Rushmore Academy.  Remember to keep it simple and clean and you’ll be ship-shape and Bristol fashion.

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