Men's jewelry 7-28-2011

Heavy metal.

What are the pieces of jewelry a man should never wear (i.e. large rings, bracelets)? I want to make sure I am properly dressed at all times.

We’re assuming you mean jewelry that’s relatively easy to take on and off. And that you’re not asking us to address the issue of piercings here as well. No? Whew! Thank you, we’ll move on.

OK, basically the two accepted pieces of jewelry for a man to wear are the wedding ring and wristwatch. Not a very long list. There are some exceptions of course, such as the careful wearing of bracelets, like those by Kiel James Patrick, in very casual settings. But that’s about it. Unless, of course you were a member of a Super Bowl-winning team and are wearing your ring to an event where you know people will want to see it. However, having it on your finger while looking at produce at the grocery store reeks of a desperate need for attention. And this is the trouble with other large pieces of jewelry—if they stand out like the beacon from a lighthouse, there’s a problem.

Cufflinks and tie bars are also acceptable, of course, but we’ll differentiate them here because they are used to secure your clothing. The same rules apply with them as well, though. They should complement your overall look and not be so big or flashy that they take away from it. That means the tie bar with the large dollar symbol on it should probably remain in the back of your drawer. For those of you more visually inclined, here’s an interesting study in the before and after of this topic.

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