Groomsmen 6-9-2011

Groomed to impress.

As a soon-to-be groom, it’s safe to say that the process of finding an acceptable and stylish “groomsmen gift” is enough to force a man to call off the wedding. What do you recommend giving that isn’t cheesy, tired, and forgettable?

Finding a gift for your groomsmen that won’t be immediately relegated to the darkest corner of a closet can be difficult. Obviously, your budget will determine what you give, but we recommend that whatever you settle on, you consider personalizing your gift. Money clips, iPods, and flasks can all be engraved.

Interestingly enough, JFK found himself pondering this very question at one time and decided to give his groomsmen monogrammed umbrellas from Brooks Brothers. Umbrellas aren’t exactly the niftiest gift you’ll find, but they certainly aren’t cheesy. And you can be sure every time JFK’s groomsmen were caught in a downpour, they silently thanked him.

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