Keeping a cotton suit unwrinkled. 6-14-2011

Formerly known as Mr. Rumple.

I love the look of the cotton suit, but what do you do about the wrinkles? It always looks like I've been sleeping in an airport when I wear one in the summer.

Ah, yes, sleeping in an airport. The accommodations are wonderful, aren’t they? Either a wavy, spinal column twisting bench, or the floor, with your carry-on as a pillow, all while the sound of the cleaning crew’s vacuum cleaner gently lulls you to sleep. But we digress, you’re right, a cotton suit has a natural tendency to wrinkle. To be honest, that’s part of its charm.

But, like the middle seat on an airplane, too many wrinkles are to be avoided. An easy solution is to hang your suit in the bathroom before you hop in the shower. The humidity will relax the fabric and help erase wrinkles. Perhaps the best thing to do though is purchase a steamer. A few passes with the steamer wand, and your cotton suit will be practically wrinkle-free. A steamer will also keep your wool suits looking fresh, so it’s certainly a good thing to own.

But, like we said, a cotton suit isn’t supposed to have the pressed look of a wool suit. Perhaps because it’s worn during the summer and things are just more relaxed during the warmer months. Oh, and by the way, sleeping in an airport, as awful as it is, is still preferable to trying to change in an airplane lavatory.

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