Face facts. 6-16-2011

Face facts.

Many people say that facial hair isn’t very formal and can make a man look unprofessional. What are the rules and guidelines on facial hair? Is it acceptable or not?

Thank you for bringing this up. These days, the issue of facial hair has seemingly become back-page news, especially when you walk down the street and are bombarded by enormous tattoos dripping off practically every guy you pass by. So, we’re glad you put it back on the front page, so to speak.

Obviously the clean-shaven look is going to be the most appropriate. It looks good and is not out of place anywhere. But, as with style, you want to put your personal stamp on your look. And this certainly can extend to facial hair. But again, as with style where tailoring is key, if your beard isn’t kept well groomed, you’re slipping into unprofessional territory. Case in point, this should be avoided. While this is perfectly acceptable.

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