College casual? 6-21-2011

Ahead of the class.

I am about to start my freshman year at The University of Georgia and I need some style advice. I always wore slim-fit Golden Fleece polos and khaki shorts during high school; however, my brother, who also goes to UGA, says that’s too classy to attend class in. I was curious as to what the professionals might advise.

First of all, we applaud your attempts at using your brother as a resource and guide on college life. Having him around will certainly make your experience as a Bulldog a better one. However, we’re a little stumped by his advice on classroom style. Polos and khaki shorts seem like great choices to us. In fact, they’d be at the most casual end of the style spectrum for classroom wear. If they’re too “classy,” as he says, we’re having a hard time imagining what people are wearing to class. Pajamas? Boardshorts? Tank tops?

We know college is a time to express yourself, but showing up to class looking like you’re serious about your studies should be a requirement, too. Believe it or not, professors do notice things like this and they appreciate students who give their subject the respect it deserves. They don’t appreciate this though. Good luck at the University of Georgia.

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    I was really hoping your link went to this:
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    If you're planning on joining a fraternity, especially an old row fraternity, you need to take your high school dressing habits to the university. Even if you aren't planning to become affiliated, I strongly suggest you keep up your current dressing habits; my professors always took me seriously and often went to bat for me during both the internship and law school application process because I was professional in both dress and demeanor in the classroom. Good luck in the fall.
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    Angela Due
    Dress up for sure. Take it from a Samford Bulldog, the professors DO notice, and generally, depending upon what your major is, expect it. Plus you never know who you may run across on campus or what important guest might show up in your class. Be prepared.
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